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Heavy duty pontoons

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All-concrete floating Heavy Duty Pontoons are used in yacht harbours where the permitted wave height does not exceed 0,5 m. Stable Heavy Duty Pontoons with high load-bearing capacity can be also used as a breakwater, overpass bridges or landing stages. Pontoons are connected by flexible rubber joints and anchored with chains and concrete anchoring. Floats are manufactured or reinforced concrete and have an expanded polystyrene core. Standard float modules are 12 m long, 2,4 m wide and with 0,6 m freeboard. Floats can be fitted with mooring buoys or mooring fingers. Wood decking, mooring rings, fenders, service channels for electricity and water supply are available as auxiliaries. 


Technical data of Heavy Duty Pontoons:

Item code  

TM 0430
Bearing capacity (kN/m2)6,5
Freeboard (m)0,6
Dimensions of the concrete float P x L x K (m)12 x 2,4 x 1,05
Weight (kg)12 000
Area of useYacht harbours
Allowance wave height (m)0,5
Allowance flow velocity (m/sek)1
Allowance icingNo ice movement allowed
Dimensions of the access bridge (m)1,2 x 6
AbutmentConcrete abutment

Anchoring chain (mm)

AnchorageConcrete anchor 2000kg +500kg balans weight
Dimensions of boats

Mooring buoys or mooring fingers

Boat fasteningYachts...15m