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Timber pontoons with concrete float

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Timber pontoons with concrete floats are used in boat and yacht harbours with closed port basin (protected with seawalls). Stong timber constuction pontoons on concrete floats are with high bearing capacity, steady and strong. Stationarily mounted pontoons are anchored with chains and concrete anchors


Length of the pontoons is designed according to particular needs, standard width is 2,4 m, freeboard is 0,5 - 0,7 m. Concrete floats, fulfilled with EPS foam are chosen according to desired bearing capacity.

Boat buoms, mooring fingers or mooring buoys are mounted to the pontoons to fasten the boats. 
Various accessories are also avalaible: rails, mooring ring, fenders, lightings and safety bollars.


Technical spesificatsions of the timber pontoon


Item code03300310
Dimensions of the deck (m)2,4x82,4x12
Dimensions of the concrete float PxLxK (m)1,32x2,38x0,713,12x2,38x0,71
Weight of concrete float / bearing capacity (kg)1136/11142090/3227
Bearing capacity (kN/m2)0,823,05
Freeboard (m)0,50,6
Max. wave height (m)0,3 
Max flow velocity (m/sec)1 
Permissible freezingNo ice movement 
Dimensions of the access bridge (m)1,2x6 
AbutmentConcrete abutment 
Anchoring chain (mm)1620

Concrete anchor 1000kg +

50 kg balans weight

Concrete anchor 2000kg +

200kg balans weight

Dimensions of boatsSailing yachts up to 12,2m (40feet) 
Boat fasteningMooring buoys, boat booms, mooring fingers